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Traffic Roundabouts and Verges

Replacing the regular grass in traffic roundabouts, road verges and public car parks is becoming more and more popular and makes perfect sense.  Cities and commercial property owners can save hundreds of pounds on upkeep and maintenance by installing artificial grass in traffic meridians.  Artificial turf will help to conserve water, eliminate mowing, edging, trimming hedges, and chemical applications.  The local council workers will no longer be at risk with heavy traffic whizzing by on both sides while trying to maintain the medians.  Therefore, liability costs will now be reduced without the need for council workers to work as regularly on an area that is surrounded on either side by traffic.  By cleverly investing in artificial grass, it will not only reduce landscaping costs, but also air pollution from petrol powered mowers and equipment. This will also lead to a reduction in the noise attributed to the noisy engines that lawn mowers and machinery produce.

Using an artificial turf from Go Artificial Grass will leave a lush no maintenance area to help sanctify your community or commercial property.  Synthetic grass is extremely durable and provides a soft smooth surface, whereas regular grass cannot keep up with constant pedestrian traffic walking over the medians.  The medians turn into worn out dust tracks or muddy ponds, mounds can form causing tripping hazards to pedestrians.  Go Artificial Grass synthetic grass provides for an even walking surface that looks great year round! Please contact Go Artificial Grass today to get started saving money in landscaping costs, liability costs, and providing your town, city or commercial property a maintenance free clean green space.