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Artificial Grass Joining Tape

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Synthetic Grass Joining Tape

Much of the convenience of artificial grass springs from how it can easily be shaped to fit any area and surface.  Synthetic grass jointing tape is an important part of this process.  This grass tape allows the product to be made to fit snugly in any area, and without any joints left showing.

Why Artificial Grass Tape is Necessary

When you buy a sheet of artificial grass from Go Artificial Grass, it is delivered in rolls which are either 2m or 4m wide.  These can be cut to the correct size and shape using a sharp utility knife.  To cover an area which is more than 4m wide, sections of the product must be joined together using artificial grass jointing tape.  The goal when laying an artificial lawn is to make the finished result look like a continuous stretch of turf, with no visible lines between separate sheets of grass.  Synthetic grass tape also helps to anchor the product down and prevent it from creeping out of place.

The Two Types of Synthetic Grass Joining Tape

Go Artificial Grass stock two types of grass joining tape in various sizes.  The first is Artificial Grass Adhesive Tape which is self-adhesive and is usually used for simple, straight joins between two rolls of artificial grass.  The other is a wider type of grass tape which can have advantages when laying larger lawns.

How to Use Artificial Grass Adhesive Tape

It’s easy to join two small pieces of synthetic grass using Artificial Grass Adhesive Tape.  After checking that the pile of both pieces is running in the same direction, simply lay the tape on the ground under where the pieces meet.  Then peel off the backing strip, and the product will stick to the grass tape.

How to Use Non Self-Adhesive Grass Joining Tape

Detailed instructions on how to use this type of artificial grass joining tape can be found here.  Here at Go Artificial Grass, Greenbond is the only artificial grass laying adhesive we sell, because it’s the only one you’ll ever need.  Contact us for further advice.