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Swimming Pool Surround

Artificial grass around a swimming pool will not only add to the beauty of your swimming pool area, but it will also keep your pool and surrounding area looking clean.  Swimming pools are refreshing to dive or dip into the water to cool off during the hot summer weather but can become a nuisance of continually using the net or vacuum to clean out all the grass clippings stuck on wet feet along with dirt brought in with the grass.  By installing Synthetic Grass as oppose to natural grass around your pool, the possibility of either of these is eliminated.  This will leave you with a pool that always looks clean and tidy to enjoy.  With Artificial Grass pool surrounds, there will be no more muddy areas from water run off or playful splashing.  All our Artificial Grasses have drainage holes so water from splashes and rain will quickly drain through and cause no problems to your artificial turf.

Your swimming pool area will look immaculate all year round for all your family and friends to enjoy.  The beautiful green artificial grass brightens the once dull concrete surrounded pool into a colourful oasis.  Another added benefit with synthetic Grass from Go Artificial Grass for your swimming pool, is that it is also soft on the feet. 

You may already have an artificial lawn area and are considering putting an inflatable pool on it throughout the summer months, you can do this without worry. After all, the grass will not discolour or die like a natural lawn. The fibres will flatten after having a heavy weight press down on them all summer but by brushing the fibres afterwards will return them to their upright position. When placing an inflatable pool, make sure that the foundation is strong enough to hold the extra weight! If you are installing on a decked area, then please ensure that there is suitable support underneath the deck.