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Artificial Grass for Residential Lawns

Artificial grass has the capacity to give you the ideal looking residential lawn you’ve never been able to have before with minimal effort. Never again will you have to keep your lawn regularly mowed or sown to stop your grass looking overgrown or patchy! Here at Go Artificial Grass we pride ourselves on working with manufacturers to design beautiful and realistic-looking artificial grass for homes that looks as fresh and impressive as natural grass while requiring no maintenance whatsoever. 

Our domestic artificial grass is available in a variety of sizes ranging from a 6mm thick grass for those on a budget to a top-class 50mm premium product. All of our grasses are manufactured using the latest equipment and technology so you can be sure that they will do the job. Our premium grasses look ultra-realistic with their low sheen and lustre fibres and come equipped with UV protection so the yarns from which it is made will go a longer period of time without fading or drying out.

We understand that when it comes to choosing artificial grass for a residential lawn, a realistic appearance is one of the key factors. That’s why all but two of our artificial grass for homes are equipped with ‘thatch’ fibres to keep the individual blades of ‘grass’ standing upright and looking like real grass. Our domestic artificial grass is made with soft fibre technology so it will keep its tensile strength and integrity while retaining the feel of ordinary grass. 

Our domestic artificial grass is suitable for a huge range of purposes, be it to decorate an indoor or outdoor garden, to adorn a balcony or to soften the rough-and-tumble of a children’s playground. Whatever style of look or texture of grass you are after, you will be able to find it in our selection. 

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