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Oryzon Grass

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One of the leading manufacturers of high quality artificial grass, Oryzon have had their products in our catalogue for some time.  Oryzon Grass is made in Belgium,  which is at the same latitude as much of southern Britain.  This means that Oryzon artificial grass is manufactured with the same lush, vibrant shades and textures as the natural species of grass which are found in this picturesque part of the world.  When fitted with Oryzon grass UK gardens, patios and other areas will not appear dull and barren, nor will they come across as unrealistically verdant.

One of the things which can ‘give away’ an artificial grass installation to observers is if the texture of the lawn is too uniform. Our customers often comment how Oryzon artificial turf appears extraordinarily realistic.  Oryzon grass suppliers Orotex produce artificial grass with a tufted pile, just like natural growth.  Even when a lawn is grown from the finest grass seed and carefully tended, it will contain blades of differing shades of green and brown.  With this in mind, Oryzon create piles with up to three complimentary colours of blades, further enhancing the realistic appearance.  You can rest assured your Oryzon artificial grass lawn will never be plagued with that ‘two-dimensional’ look of the artificial lawns off yesteryear.

We make every effort to market products with enhanced health and safety features, and Oryzon grass suppliers have raised the bar in this regard with their Xtinguish technology.  Any surface which is made up of closely bound fibres is a potential fire hazard, as the air between the blades can quickly heat up and spread the energy which can cause a conflagration.  Oryzon artificial grass has been shown to be highly resistant to ignition energy, which means that it could limit the spread of accidental fires.