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Installing Artificial Grass

All the products we offer at Go Artificial Grass are suitable for self-installation. This is such an incredible benefit to our products, as fitting Artificial Grass (or Outdoor Carpet) yourself avoids the unbelievably high cost of a professional fitter. This cost saving method then leaves you with more money to spend on furniture or our Grass Accessories! However, if you are new to fitting our products, we do recommend that you carry out the necessary research beforehand. This ensures you achieve the best possible fit from your product. So, if researching is what you need to do, continue reading below.


On average, hiring a professional to fit your Artificial lawn costs around 3 times the price of the lawn itself.  So, when we consider how simple the installation process can be, if done carefully and with the correct preparation, it seems a tempting, budget friendly option to fit the grass yourself. Therefore, we have created this page to ensure our customers have all the information necessary to successfully install their very own synthetic lawn. 


We often find that when it comes to installing Artificial Grass, our customers struggle with where to start when fitting on a hard surface such as concrete or rubble. In fact, the process is simplistic when you know which steps to follow and the preparation process to carry out. Therefore, we have created this page to ensure no one is left confused when it comes to installing a synthetic turf. Enjoy!


When installing Artificial Grass, it is very common that this installation will take place in an area of pre-existing lawn. In other words, most people installing our Go Artificial Grass will be replacing an area of authentic grass. Due to this, we deem it massively important include a section specifically dedicated to this replacement process as it has its own specific elements to bear in mind. So, if you are replacing your natural lawn with artificial grass, continue reading below.


Joining several sections of Artificial Grass together is an important step in the installation procedure if more than one section of artificial grass is being installed. This is particularly common when installing a large section of synthetic turf. This process is straightforward to get right if the correct steps are followed. On this page we have included a very easy to follow guide, created by our artificial grass experts to ensure your lawn is joined seamlessly offering a guaranteed professional finish to your garden.