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Budgeting for Artificial Grass 

At Go Artificial Grass we pride ourselves on supplying the very best products for the most competitive prices. With us you can be sure to get a quality, life-like and affordable Artificial Grass that will be sure to fool any guests with its natural look-alike features. So, if this sounds like what you are after and would like to know a little more about the process of buying our products and the service we provide, simply continue reading.

No place is better to get your hands on Artificial Grass than with us. At Go Artificial Grass, we supply an extensive selection of synthetic turf, ensuring that you can find the right product for your needs, budget and style. If you are wondering whether to opt for artificial or real grass, let us help you. Our Buying Guide has been created by our synthetic grass specialists, to cover the important information regarding the prices of our products and accessories, that you may want to be aware of before you order your new lawn. Allow us to budget for you, that's one less job and one step close towards you new lawn.


Under £10

Although all our products are incredibly well priced, our 'budget-friendly' range does offer the most affordable artificial grass we sell across the website. From just £4.89 to £9.99 per meter squared, this selection provides quality and natural looking synthetic grass for a low-cost.

One of our top-selling products within this range is the ‘Evergrass Seville 15mm Artificial Grass’. At just £7.49 per meter squared, this turf is perfect for brightening up gardens or balconies, offering them a new lease of life. It provides a low maintenance solution for those who struggle with the upkeep of a natural lawn and remains healthy looking all year round.

In comparison to our 'essential' and 'premier' ranges, this 'budget' selection provides a shorter, somewhat neater pile. As an example, the ‘Seville’ grass has a pile height of 15mm creating a tidy and full looking lawn. Which one is preferable to you and your home depends on personal taste, budget and the amount of upkeep you feel as though you can manage, as our 'budget-friendly' range is slightly easier to maintain due to its shorter pile length.

However, it is always important to remember that all the products we have on offer incorporate a slightly different shade, thatch effect and pile height. To help decipher which is your top choice, video footage is included in our product listings. Plus, we offer up to 6 FREE samples so you can view and feel our grass in person. This means at Go Artificial Grass you can always be sure to find your dream synthetic lawn for the best price around.

£4.89  -  6mm

£8.99  -  20mm

£7.49  -  15mm

£7.99  -  20mm

£7.99  -  20mm



At Go Artificial Grass, we offer the best range of synthetic grass for even better prices. Our wide array of products ensures you will be sure to find the perfect synthetic lawn for you and your family. We consider all personal needs, making it easier to budget for you new synthetic lawn. If you are pondering whether to go for real or artificial grass, let us tempt you towards the latter. Welcome to our ‘Essential’ selection. In terms of both price and pile height, this range sits in between our ‘Budget’ and ‘Premier’ collections as a happy middle ground. From products priced at £10.49 to those at £14.99 per square metre, this range provides a beautiful and practical lawn for an affordable price.

Just one of the many popular grass products, our ‘Evergrass Ascot 35mm Artificial Grass’ is a highly sought-after product within our ‘essential’ selection. This product is the ideal fit for someone who loves the appearance of natural grass but wants to save time and money when it comes to budgeting and maintenance. Our ‘essential’ range, as indicated by name, offers a classic style of grass. In comparison to our budget and more luxurious products, this range sits in the middle when it comes to pile height and cost to purchase. Soft to the touch, our Ascot Artificial Grass provides the authentic look and feel of natural grass without the need for weeding, watering or mowing.

The ideal fit for you will be conditional upon your own style, the amount you have budgeted and the level of maintenance you are after. For those who want as little upkeep as possible, the lower the pile height the better as it will need the least amount of brushing to keep it looking full. However, the higher the pile height the healthier and essentially, the more natural your grass will appear. Though all of this information is relevant, it is important to bear in mind that all products will vary in pile style, pile height and blade hue, so take note of the product features and descriptions when purchasing. 

We are so confident that we offer the best quality grass for the most competitive price that we guarantee a price match if you find the same product for cheaper anywhere else. We deliver across the whole of the UK and delivery is free when you spend over £100.

£11.49  -  35mm

£13.99  -  30mm

£13.99  -  35mm

£12.99  -  40mm

£14.99  -  30mm


Over £15

If you are looking for a quality synthetic grass for a great price, Go Artificial Grass have it. We stock such a huge range of products that we are able to cater for every possible need and want. This selection features our luxurious range of artificial grass. Though still priced competitively, this range features a deeper thickness and higher pile height which naturally comes in at a higher price. From £15.99 to £18.99 per meter squared, our 'premier' range remains tempting to those who are willing to spend a little more to get more. 
To demonstrate the amazing products included in this selection, our ‘Evergrass Seychelles 40mm Artificial Grass’ offers such a realistic, natural appearance that guests will struggle to believe you when you tell them it isn’t real turf! At a pile height of 40mm, this product offers a fluffy lawn that will be soft on toes or paws. Even natural grass will struggle to compete with all the features our 'premier' grass range has to offer. This tall length of pile is handy in the summer season as it prevents excessive sun penetration. In other words, you won’t have to hop across your grass when the sun has provided a natural outdoor, underfloor heating solution.
Alternatively, another product we offer within our 'premier' range is our ‘Evergrass Pro Putt 12mm Artificial Grass’. As clear from its name, this product has been specifically created for keen golfers. So, if a grass which is perfect for golfing on is what you are after, then this is the one for you.
If you have been struggling to decide whether to install real or artificial grass in your garden, we here to make the decision for you. Our social media pages are full of customer transformations and product images giving you even more grass inspiration - @goartificialgrass. So, if you have any questions or need to be convinced further, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales or customer service teams on 0333 1234 581.

£15.99  -  40mm

£18.99  -  40mm

£17.99  -  12mm

£16.99  -  40mm

£17.99  -  40mm


At Go Artificial Grass, not only do we supply the very best Artificial Turf for the most competitive prices, but the accessories you might need to purchase alongside your grass too! 

If you need accessories to aid you in fitting and caring for your brand-new grass, we have you covered. From Artificial Grass Underlay and Adhesive to cutting and fitting tools, we have it all for unbelievably low prices. Alternatively, if your lawn is already fitted and you simply want to keep it in top condition, our Artificial Turf cleaning products are the perfect choice.

Our Go Artificial Grass accessories are already highly acclaimed by hundreds of happy customers, so why not join them today? If you would like a little more information on our quality Artificial Grass accessories, continue reading.

Our selection of ‘Underlay and Sheeting’ can be reached via our accessory page. Not only are all of these products 100% recyclable, but suitable for use underneath grass, patio’s, decking, paving and borders. 

The selection of underlay/sheeting we have on offer at Go Artificial Grass is varied. Each product we stock prioritises a different problem area, to ensure you are able to find the perfect underlay fix for you! Some of our products are focused on weed control, whereas others’ main aim is top comfort under foot. To find more information specific to each product, check out each item description and feature list.

Within our selection of Go Artificial Grass accessories you can find our range of ‘Pegs and Pins’. These pegs and pins are used to discreetly secure our wonderful Artificial Grass, weed membrane and landscape fabrics into place. For further information, see our individual product descriptions and features.

The structure and design of both our pegs and pins ensures that the material will be firmly held in place to ensure a long-lasting fit of our Artificial Turf. Check out our artificial grass fitting guides to learn more about the installation process.

Our range of artificial grass cleaner can be found under our accessories page. This product has been specially formulated to revive and clean your synthetic turf. It has a fast-acting formula, meaning any moss, mould and algae will be gone in an instant, brightening and enhancing your lawn.

This Go Artificial Grass cleaner is perfect for that general family lawn refresh as it is child and pet friendly! It is also heavy duty, enough to disinfect and deodorise any nasty odours or bacteria created by pet mess. What is even better, is that it has a fragrance of fresh cut grass, making that beautiful lawn even more life-like. 

Our Go Artificial Grass Adhesive can be found under our range of accessories. It is an excellent adhesive as it offers an incredible grip and remains permanently elastic once set. Its performance is ideal, as it is UV resistant, water and weatherproof - perfect for that unpredictable UK weather.

It is also important to note that the Evergrass Greenbond Artificial Grass Adhesive contains no isocyanates, solvents, silicone or phthalates and is classified as non-hazardous. This means you can be comfortable knowing that this product is safe for you and your family.

Our Joining Tape, which can be found on our accessories page, is the perfect product to pair your purchase with when it comes to laying your Go Artificial Grass turf. This is because it joins the separate pieces together simply and easily, whilst leaving an impeccable, seamless finish. 

Not only is our tape easy to use and inexpensive to buy, but it also offers an incredibly strong seal and attachment that will ensure a resilient and long-lasting Artificial lawn. At Go Artificial Grass, we offer alternative sizes of tape to ensure that you can find the tape that is perfect for your turf.

The Evergrass Dolphin Knife is one of our most sought-after accessories. This is because, during the installation process it is very likely that you will need to trim the grass, underlay and/or weed membrane to ensure a professional fit is achieved. 

So why this particular utility knife? Well, our Evergrass Dolphin Knife is comfortable to hold, easy to grip and features a simple blade replacement turning wheel. Of course, when handling a knife such as this, an easy grip is crucial to avoid injury. With such great benefits for a low cost, this utility knife is a great accessory to pick up.