Artificial Grass – Let’s debunk some Myths

By Grace Johnson

Many myths surround the topic of artificial grass, and we are here to set those straight. Not only are some of these completely untrue, but the truth is actually quite the opposite!

Our artificial grass has been manufactured and developed to be the best fit for your home, with a variety of blade lengths, pile density and grass colours. Be sure to head over to our Instagram @goartificalgrass to be inspired by our artificial grass products in action across the UK.

Realistic looking artificial grass

Myth 1: Artificial Grass Doesn’t Look ‘Real’

So, does artificial grass look real?

Our artificial grass has been carefully designed to look real and exhibit the same features as a natural lawn, all year round. Our fake grass comes in an array of blade lengths, density, and colours, which can be refined to match your desires and aesthetic vision.

The added thatching detail provides the authentic appearance that you would expect to find in a natural grass garden. Everyone will have garden-envy when they see your garden looking beautiful throughout all seasons.

Our Evergrass Tatton 30mm artificial grass blends together notes of beige and green creating the natural, real grass effect in your garden without the high maintenance!

Myth 2: Artificial Grass Is Not Environmentally Friendly

Is artificial grass bad for the environment?

artificial grass with children sitting on it

A natural lawn can be deceivingly harmful to the environment. You can spend a small fortune on pesticides, fertilisers and weed killers. Not only that but these contain toxic chemicals which can cause harm to any furry friends you might have and any wildlife or insects that live in your garden.

Also, artificial grass does not require mowing, fertilising or watering, saving time and unnecessary usage of water and electricity, without any hazardous chemicals being present. Meaning you can spend more time with your loved ones and enjoy your beautiful garden without worry.

Evergrass Ashbourne 30mm artificial grass, is an excellent realistic looking artificial grass, which is free of lead and cadmium, chemicals found in real grass. Be sure to check out the vast variety of fake grass on our website, all of which contain no harmful chemicals and require minimal upkeep.

Myth 3: Artificial Grass Isn’t Suitable For My Pets and Children

Artificial Grass suitable for pets

Can my pets and children enjoy the artificial grass?

Pets and children love our artificial lawn with many hidden benefits to satisfy all of your desires to have a beautiful, low maintenance garden. Pets and children both love playing in the garden and we want to ensure they can all year round. Real grass inevitably will show signs of wear and tear which can cause bald patches from activities such as digging which we all know pets love to do!

Unlike natural lawn, artificial grass will have no holes or bald patches. We all know there is nothing worse than finding muddy paws in your home, something that will no longer be an issue with the installation of fake grass. You can have a luscious garden all year round with the knowledge that our artificial grass has been designed to allow you to be proud of your garden without having to worry about the unpredictable weather that we are bound to have in the UK.

If you install a drainage system underneath, an artificial lawn will quickly dry after a downpour of rain. Your pets and children can play in the rain to their heart’s content with no possibility of mud baths or messy shoes and paws. Check out one of our customer’s pooches enjoying their artificial lawn and visit our Instagram @goartificialgrass to see more pets enjoying our range of fake grass!

Now we have cleared all of that up what are you waiting for? Head to our website and explore our variety of artificial grass and find the perfect match for you.

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