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Where Can My Artificial Grass Go?

Do you know all about the areas of use of artificial grass? Are you craving the aesthetic and feel of luscious green grass to lift and brighten your outdoor space all year around? Look no further. At Go Artificial Grass we pride ourselves on offering a huge variety of artificial grass. All of which is suitable for many areas of your garden. Depending on your needs and requirements, we will have a grass for you! So, whether you’re a business owner hoping to drive sales further, or a homeowner wanting... Read More


Artificial Grass- perfect your outdoor space.

Join us while we discuss how you can transform your outside space with our wonderful Artificial Grass. Though sometimes the weather would like to convince us otherwise, the Great British summer is well and truly upon us.  After such a challenging past 18 months, I think we can all agree treating ourselves to a little indulgence is perfectly acceptable this summer. However, although a holiday abroad, a festival, or a night out clubbing would be the perfect cure; many of us are still adapting to ‘normal’ life and are not... Read More


Artificial Grass – Let’s debunk some Myths

By Grace Johnson Many myths surround the topic of artificial grass, and we are here to set those straight. Not only are some of these completely untrue, but the truth is actually quite the opposite! Our artificial grass has been manufactured and developed to be the best fit for your home, with a variety of blade lengths, pile density and grass colours. Be sure to head over to our Instagram @goartificalgrass to be inspired by our artificial grass products in action across the UK. Myth 1: Artificial Grass Doesn’t Look... Read More


5 reasons All-Weather Grass is better than a Live Lawn

For a few reasons, we think that having artificial grass is better than having real grass in your back garden. Although not everyone agrees, there are a few compelling reasons why you should have artificial grass in your garden. Artificial grass has a burgeoning reputation thanks to its low maintenance, its modern style and its ability to look exquisite in all seasons. With the Derby Telegraph and other local news sites starting their #DoOneThingToday campaign, the fact that artificial grass is environmentally friendly is a big winner in many people’s... Read More


Love a bit of golf? You don’t even have to leave your house!

Golf is one of the nation’s most popular sports. The big events take priority even for many sportspeople who participate in their own sport. If you are a bit of a golf nut and fancy a putting green in your back garden, then you should consider an artificial lawn. Rather than paying a monthly fee, you can practice your putting without leaving the back garden. But what is the best artificial lawn for a putting green? A quality putting green surface is always helpful when you are practising your golf.... Read More


3 interesting facts about how your artificial garden can be free from allergies

Everyone loves the summer, but not everyone loves flowers and plants. Create your artificial garden free from allergies when that awful word hayfever comes around. Here are just some key facts about artificial grass and how you can keep your garden allergy-free. It survives all year round We’re over the worst of the bad weather in Britain and the days are starting to get longer again, meaning the majority fo the country are going to want to spend time in the garden. Go Artificial Grass customers are spending more and... Read More


The best types of artificial grass

The artificial grass season is on its way! In fact, it is already here for some. All-weather grass and fake grass survives all year round, and never goes out of season. BUT, you do have to make sure you have the best artificial turf for it to be worth it! Why we recommend Evergrass Artificial Grass At Go Artificial Grass, the customer comes first. With great customer service comes a great product. For your artificial lawn to survive in the winter months, you need to buy some all-weather turf that... Read More


How to find your perfect artificial grass.

Right now, with isolation looming, it has never been more important that you feel at home in your garden. You need to like your garden, get on with your garden, and also reduce the maintenance involved. With false grass, also known as artificial grass, this can all be done. This article involves Go Artificial Grass reminiscing about the times of Summer last year when the British people really enjoyed the Summer months and could relax in their gardens with whatever the weather! A Time Of Reflection about Fake Grass comments... Read More


How can artificial grass help your home renovation?

Green Grass and Low Maintenance Artificial grass. That’s it that’s the blog… No, it’s not really! But it is what it says on the tin. Artificial grass is a synthetic turf and a popular alternative to normal, natural grass, which can be installed anywhere. It is very practical, providing a soft surface for your family, pets and your children. At Go Artificial Grass, there are plenty of types of grass that you can install in your garden, and it stays green all year round for 365 days a year. Every... Read More