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Family Friendly Artificial Grass

At Go Artificial Grass, we know that many families after a new lawn will require one suitable for young children and furry friends. Therefore, we have ensured that all our Synthetic Grass is perfect for all members of the family, whether that be a fluffy companion or a little one. In fact, many features of artificial grass actually make it more suitable for children and animals than its authentic turf counterpart! For more information regarding our child-friendly and pet-proof Artificial Grass, carry on reading.


Is Artificial Grass suitable for pets?
Our artificial grass has been specifically designed and tested so that it is both safe and fun for your pets, allowing them to play in the garden all year round. 
It can be extremely difficult maintaining a picturesque garden when your furry friend insists on digging and scratching causing dead, bald spots in the grass. With the installation of Go Artificial Grass, this problem will be something of the past! Muddy paws will no longer make their way into your home and ruin both your furniture and flooring. 
Many of our customers have decided to switch to artificial grass because of how difficult a garden can be to maintain when you have pets, and how quickly the pets adapt to playing and doing their business on artificial grass. The polyurethane grass is super soft under your pets’ paws, and provides a warm, comfortable surface for your cats to bask and relax on the warm summer days.  Your only question will be, why didn’t I make the change sooner?
Needless to say, artificial lawn, similarly to natural grass does require looking after. However, you will no longer require the harmful pesticides, weed killers and chemicals which are potentially harmful to your pets to maintain artificial grass. We recommend that once your pet has done their business, to either pick it up or hose it down as soon as possible to keep your artificial grass in the best condition. Pet urine inevitably will affect the durability of artificial grass, due to the bacteria left behind, this is why we emphasise the importance of hosing it down as soon as possible afterwards, you can also purchase eco-friendly detergents if you desire. Another benefit of switching to artificial lawn is that it is stain resistant, so no tell-tale yellow patches will be appearing on your lawn again. 
To ensure your artificial grass stays beautiful and odour free, you should install a suitable drainage system that works in conjunction with the fast-flowing holes in the backing of our grass, and if you are using an infill, to use a natural type that does not absorb odours. 
Research shows that a crushed stone base is a very affordable yet, effective drainage system. We have found that the optimum depth for keeping your synthetic grass dry and free of urine, whilst being cost effective, is between 70mm-100mm.There is no need for specialist drainage systems which are too expensive and will ruin the aesthetic of you garden. 




Artificial Grass - FAQ's 

How is the urine and waste handled?
Synthetic grass is not much different from natural grass.  Urine washes through the Drainage holes into crushed stone sub-base below. Faeces can be removed using your current process, only it tends to be less messy with an artificial grass and you can hose down if required afterwards without worrying about causing a mud bath.

How do you clean synthetic grass?
Rain is usually sufficient.  If necessary, spray your synthetic lawn with a hose. This can be done without the worry of causing a mud bath.

Can you get rid of pet odours?
Yes. Having a good drainage system and using a natural non-absorbent infill minimizes pet odours but deodorising sprays and eco-friendly detergents can be used periodically if required.

Will my dog think it’s real grass?
Dogs undeniably love artificial grass. We have many happy customers who are delighted with their artificial grass for pets and many have sent in photographs of their dogs and pets enjoying their new lawn.

Will my dog try to dig a hole through the synthetic grass?
There is no denying that some dogs will try and dig through anything but our recommended artificial grass for pets is extremely durable with a double dura backing system which makes it almost impossible to tear. If you know your dog is likely to try to attempt to dig holes we recommend that you take extra care in securing the perimeter of your new synthetic lawn as this will discourage dogs from trying to pull it up.



Benefits of Artificial Grass

1, As Good as the Real Thing
Modern Artificial Grass is so advanced that often people cannot even tell it is not a natural lawn. Our range of grasses are specially selected for their incredible quality and realistic nature, and feature a variation of different colour tones, and thickness so you can choose the one that is perfect for your garden.

2, Looks Great all year round
Weeds ruin your lawn’s appearance, and some may be harmful to dogs and pets. Installing an artificial lawn for dogs prevents harmful weeds from growing in your lawn, keeping your dog protected as it ventures outdoors. You can also enjoy your lawn free from dog wear and tear, dead and bald patches, stains, and smells. Pets will gladly ‘do their business’ on it and the urine will drain through. What’s more, the artificial grass fibres will remain completely undamaged.

3, No More Harmful Chemicals
Maintaining a natural lawn can take a lot of time and effort. You can spend also spend considerable amounts of money on fertilisers, pest control, insecticides and weed killers. These products contain toxic chemicals that can potentially harm you or your pet. As your dog or cat rolls around on the natural lawn the chemical ingredients can stick to their coat or fur and get into their nasal passages.

4, Low Maintenance
Artificial grass does not require any regular maintenance or products like a natural lawn to keep it looking neat and tidy all year round, a quick brush up now and then is all that is needed, so you will have more time to get outside and enjoy your garden with your pets.

5, No Muddy Mess
Dogs love rolling around on the lawn after it rains, this results in them getting covered in mud which then finds its way back into the house and onto the carpets and furniture. Artificial grass has drainage holes and combined with good drainage stone underneath an artificial lawn can dry very quickly after a down pour of rain. This eliminates the possibility of mud forming on the lawn and subsequently muddy foot prints appearing in the home.

And Finally, they just Love it!
Dogs especially adapt to artificial grass very quickly, we have many customers that would highly recommend it, for the dog it is like a big play area! It feels super soft underfoot but with its double layer dura back its tough enough to stand up to pets running around playing on it, not only all day long but all year round because no matter what the weather your pets will be able to get outside in the garden where they are happy.

At Go Artificial Grass we are here to help. If you’re considering artificial grass for your garden, why not make your pets happy and request your free samples today or call us on 0800 1777 842 to discuss your requirements.


 Is Artificial Grass suitable for children?


Our artificial grass is a perfect addition to your family garden. With little upkeep in comparison to real grass, you will be able to spend more time with your loved ones and enjoy having a beautiful garden all year round. A simple hose down as opposed to the constant mowing, hosing and weeding is all that is necessary to maintain your artificial lawn. 

Many family homes, nurseries and play areas for are switching to artificial grass due to the number of benefits with doing so. It is important to note, that we recommend shock pad underlay if installing artificial grass to a play area so that it meets critical fall height standards to provide safety for any tumbles or falls. With a drainage system underneath, artificial lawn can take 15 minutes to dry after a downpour of rain, a fraction of the time a natural lawn would take to dry, and without the water logging and mud patches which can unquestionably be both a hazard and a hinderance to your day. Children will be able to play outdoors to their hearts content without you having the panicking feeling of how muddy they get or whether they fall over and injure themselves or get grass stains on their clothing. 

Our artificial grass has been designed to be durable and long lasting and we are so confident in your artificial lawn withstanding the test of time, we offer up to a 10-year guarantee on our products, with some of our products having a life expectancy of up to 20 years. 

Whilst your children are undoubtedly not going to notice the difference between artificial lawn and real grass, you can be rest assured that you will reap the benefits and rewards from making the change. Real lawn can pose health risks as bacteria often lives on the surface of natural grass. Alongside with this, allergens will not be an issue in a garden with synthetic grass installed, the hay fever sniffles will no longer prevent your family from enjoying the warm summer days.