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A Natural lawn can look fantastic but usual getting that perfect look requires a lot of maintenance and can be very time consuming. The great British weather can be very unpredictable and for many people leisure time is becoming increasingly precious, it can be difficult to devote time to maintaining a natural lawn when you cannot guarantee the weather to do so. So, it makes perfect sense to consider the artificial option.

Synthetic lawns or fake grass are now even more durable and look more and more like the real thing, gone are the days of the bright green plastic looking artificial lawn. The latest artificial grass is manufactured in such a way that it is hard to tell the difference between it and the real thing. So, if you want less maintenance and more time to relax or enjoy your garden lawn then this guide will take you through everything you need to know when shopping for artificial turf.

As well as mowing, lawns may require watering and fertilisers, weeds will grow and will need removing. When it rains your lawn can become out of action for days and even weeks. Children and Pets will paddle muddy footprints into the house. Even when you spend hours maintaining your lawn it still may not lead to that perfect lush looking grass. 


Artificial grass is:

Low Maintenance 

•    No more mowing, the lawnmower can officially hang up its gloves and retire to the shed.

•    No pesticides, lawn feeder or weed killer required. All of which can be harmful and damaging to the environment.

•    No watering, your artificial grass will remain green all year round, no need to worry about hosepipe bans during hot summer months.

•    Elderly people or people with reduced mobility will benefit from the ease of maintenance.

•    No muddy footprints, we have all seen how a quick dash across a wet lawn can result in muddy footprints being paddled through the house, no longer a problem with a synthetic lawn.


Perfect for families

•    The children can play outside all year round, wrap up warm in winter though

•    An artificial lawn is clean and hygienic, it is less likely that harmful bacteria and germs will be carried into the home.

•    15 million of us suffer from hay fever in the UK but with an artificial grass lawn you can still enjoy your garden.

•   Designed to drain easily – when installed correctly with good drainage stone it dries so quickly you will not need to worry about sodden grass spoiling your plans.

•    More time to relax and enjoy your family time



Ideal for smaller or more awkwardly-shaped outside spaces such as roof terraces, decking areas and balconies

A soft yet smooth surface for outdoor sports such as football or Frisbee

Ready to lay on both hard surfaces (such as concrete or wooden decking) or directly onto prepared stone or sand.


Below are a few extra things you may require when laying your artificial lawn.

Artificial Grass Shockpad Underlay

Ideal for use on both hard and soft surfaces, our artificial grass underlay is designed using a lightweight foam with built in drainage holes and is constructed to absorb shock. It can be used with all types of artificial grass and is sold in rolls 1.5m wide x 10m long.

Self-adhesive artificial grass joining tape

This self-adhesive joining tape is used to fit artificial grass pieces together seamlessly and easily. It's impervious to moisture, it is a perfect DIY joining tape and is easy to work with.  You won’t need any additional glue. 

Available in either 150mm wide and 5m long, or 150mm wide and over 10m long

Artificial Grass Joining Tape

This joining tape is used to fit artificial grass pieces together seamlessly with the use of a separate seaming adhesive. It offers a very strong indestructible join. Any professional installer will use this option.

Available in either 200mm wide and 20m long, or 200mm wide and over 100m long



Greenbond Adhesive

This adhesive is an alternative to artificial grass self-adhesive joining tape and can be used to secure the seams of lawn panels in both wet and dry conditions. This adhesive works on most outdoor surfaces and will cover 2 to 3m.

Weed Membrane

Geotextile weed membrane for use with your artificial grass, when laid beneath your artificial grass, A weed membrane forms a barrier that prevents weeds from growing through yet still allows your artificial lawn to drain as it needs to. For use in landscaping and general gardening.  Helps suppress weeds thereby reducing maintenance. It helps to control weeds, allows air and water through, aids drainage and reduces maintenance.


Grass Fixing Pins

These pins are used to secure Artificial Grass, Weed Membrane and other landscape fabrics, they are easily disguised in artificial grass thanks to the half green coating.

Fixing Pegs

These pegs are used to firmly hold down your weed membrane, there tough structure and design means the membrane will be held firmly in place.

Utility Knife

If you are considering installing the artificial grass yourself then a utility knife is a great tool to have. You will require this to trim the grass and weed membrane into place.

Features and benefits of different types of artificial grass.

Density & Thickness

When choosing the right artificial grass sometimes people assume that the thicker the grass is the better it must be, however the main thing to think about is density. This refers to the number of yarns (grass blades) or stitch rate per 10cm. Artificial grass is made from polypropylene which is plastic.

These are extremely hard¬-wearing synthetic fibres and the greater the number of yarns, the denser the grass is. An artificial grass with a stitch rate of 12/10 will not be as dense as a grass with a stitch rate of 22/10

Thick, dense grass creates the most comfortable and luxurious feel underfoot. Low density grass is a great budget option and is best in smaller areas that don’t have much foot traffic. While super-heavy, thick grass is the best option for high-traffic areas as it will last the longest. So, consider where you’re placing your artificial grass and how much it will be walked over or played on.


Artificial Grass Colour

Artificial grass yarn comes in various shades of green and brown. The brown is used near the base and is crinkled to simulate the look of the dead grass (or thatch) you would expect to see in a natural lawn. While the green replicates the fresh, lush look of a healthy lawn. To replicate the characteristics of natural grass we use up to four different shades of green in each tuft which makes the artificial grass even more realistic.

Artificial Grass Pile

The pile of the grass refers to the look of the upright blades. The yarn is produced in different types including flat, C shape, S shape, W shape, Oval, amongst others. Each option gives you a different look and feel, so it's an important consideration when buying yours.

We offer many options including:

Short, flat pile – the thinnest and least dense option. Ideal for smaller budgets.

Short, curly pile – thinner, lower stitch rate option. More realistic than the budget option.

Straight pile – the mid-¬range option, straight pile is longer and thicker than short, curly pile.

Straight and curly pile – the most luxurious and comfortable option, the combination of straight and curly blades creates a more realistic look.


Artificial Grass Cuts & Delivery

All our artificial grass range is available in any size you require, meaning there will be less waste as it's cut to size for you. We offer all of our grasses in 2m and 4m wide and up to 35m in length. If you need help measuring your required area for artificial grass then please see our sizing guide.


Due to the size and weight of the grass we offer a full delivery service, we have our own network of delivery vehicles and use specialist couriers to ensure your order arrives safely.