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Here, you can find out all the essential, need to know information surrounding Artificial Grass. Our grass experts have put together helpful guides and handy tips and tricks you will want to know when choosing an artificial lawn. This information will allow you to make well-informed decisions regarding your choice of artificial grass and ensure you are left with a match that is perfect for you and your needs, tastes and styles. 

For some much-needed artificial grass inspiration, head over to @goartificialgrass on Instagram. You can find current grass trends, customer images and information surrounding our artificial grass products and services. Order your free samples today for a 'try before you buy' opportunity and get a feel for the thickness, textures and quality before making your decision. Our delivery and returns page details all of the processes we undertake to ensure your experience with Go Artificial Grass runs smoothly and leaves a positive impression. 

If for some reason you cannot find the answer you are looking for and want to ask a more specific question about our artificial grass, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email and we will aim to answer any outstanding queries you may have.


Our planning guides will answer any questions you might have in regard to artificial grass, no matter how simple or complex they might be. We cover all basis, including frequently asked questions which covers everything from ordering samples and expecting deliveries to figuring out how much artificial grass you actually need. We’ll talk you through how to plan for your artificial grass project when it comes to sizing up and measuring the area as well as offering you an insight into the history and manufacturing process of artificial grass. Our feature guide will provide you with all the details surround our products material properties and the specific features our artificial grass possesses. If you are concerned about the suitability of laying artificial grass in a family home where pets and children run freely, we will settle any uncertainties you have. 


At Go Artificial Grass, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile all information to consider when purchasing artificial grass. Our Artificial Grass buying guide covers our prices to allow for any budgeting to take place as well as demonstrating the alternate styles from budget friendly to classic and premium artificial grass. We explain the buying process as well as the uses for each grass type to ensure you are making a well-informed decision when it comes to buying artificial grass. We also talk you through which artificial grass accessories you might need to consider pairing your purchase with as outlining these extra costs.


Caring for your artificial lawn is very important to ensure that it retains its fresh and natural appearance. While artificial grass is incredibly low maintenance in comparison to its counterpart - naturally sourced grass -  there are still care measures to be taken. Upkeep is to be kept on top of sporadically and only consists of smaller jobs that can be completed within a timely manner. We go into further detail surrounding how to take care of creases that may occur in your artificial grass and guide you along the cleaning and maintenance procedures that must be undertaken to ensure your artificial grass retains its immaculate condition.


When it comes to installing artificial grass, our grass experts have got you covered. We explain how to lay artificial grass as well as how to replace your old lawn with a synthetic lawn and how to join artificial grass. We also cover the process of installing artificial grass onto different surfaces including hard surfaces and our recommended preparation tips. Our step-by-step fitting guides will aid you along the installation process, allowing you to save money on a fitter while trying your hand at some DIY and still attaining professional results. With our installation guides, you will not be short on information surrounding how to lay artificial grass.